The ODHA Circle

As an alternative to our regular BAHA membership, we are offering memberships in the ODHA Circle. This unique fraternity was established in 2017 due to the significantly large following that Gordon MacQuarrie has yet today. We strive to bring the legend of Gordon to life and to provide new material about him and those characters and places that he wrote about. We also hold events dedicated to bring the opportunity for attendees to learn more about Gordon and experience the places he wrote about.

If you choose to join this unique group, you will receive many benefits as well as help to support the continuing expansion and maintenance of the Gordon MacQuarrie Exhibit.


Some of the benefits you will enjoy are:

  • Membership Certificate
  • Laminated Membership Card
  • Back issues of The Other Drivel
  • Discounts to event fees
  • Minutes of Board meetings
  • Special Museum visits
  • Many more.



We offer many items to outfit the MacQuarrie fan along with the books previously described. We have two styles of hunting caps featuring the “Old Duck Hunters Association Inc.” logo. We have a member’s only shirt for the members of the ODHA Circle with Mr. President sitting alertly in a duck blind. New items will become part of our gift shop in the near future. Buy these items by printing out an order form and mailing it along with a check made payable to BAHA, or if you like you can order and pay on line.

If you would like to join this prestigious group, an application is provided below. Please fill out the form completely and return to the address provided on the form along with a check payable to BAHA for the level of membership you select. You also can join and pay on line if you choose. We also offer a Lifetime Membership. Monetary contributions are also welcomed and appreciated.