MacQuarrie Books

The Barnes area Historical Association (BAHA), as part of their Gordon MacQuarrie Program, publishes and offers four books of MacQuarrie authored stories that have never before been published in book form. Editor Dave Evenson has researched The Milwaukee Journal /Sentinel and all the outdoor sport magazines that had published Gordon’s works and discovered many stories that did were not included in Zach Taylor’s famous six books of MacQuarrie stories. Dave has produced these new books and they have become very popular additions to a reader’s bookshelf and MacQuarrie personal collection.

In 2018, Dave produced Right Off The Reel (ROTR). Gordon’s byline at the Journal from 1936 through 1956 was titled Right Off The Reel, and among these many columns were a lot of stories about The Old Duck Hunters Association, Inc. This first book is full of stories about Hizzonor and Gordon and their many adventures and escapades taken from those columns.

Then in 2019, Dave created a second book of MacQuarrie’s Milwaukee Journal columns titled Dogs, Drink and Other Drivel (DDOD). DDOD brought many more stories from Mac’s pen that have never before been read unless you received the Milwaukee Journal in his days at the Paper between 1936 and 1956. DDOD reveals stories that as Dave says are, “The further adventures of Gordon MacQuarrie” which would be a good subtitle for this new book.

In 2022, based on extensive research done by Keith Crowley when he wrote Gordon MacQuarrie’s Biography Gordon MacQuarrie: The Story of an Old Duck Hunter, more magazine stories came to light so Dave produced a third book, Found Stories of the Old Duck Hunters (FSODH). This book contains magazine stories not previously published in book form. This book has six Old Duck Hunters stories and twenty three stories about other escapades of Mac by himself with friends and associates. This book, added to the other two books, becomes an important second Trilogy of MacQuarrie stories.

These three books form a new triplicate and are available in hard cover and in a boxed set. Placed alongside a boxed set of the famous Zack Taylor Trilogy, it joins with to capture all of Mac’s ODHA stories, hunting and fishing stories and stories of his friends and neighbors that he wrote for the newspaper and the various outdoor sporting magazines of his day, all in six books.

With access to all columns and magazine articles that Gordon ever wrote, Dave discovered a lesser known passion that Gordon had, muskies. Gordon had a large interest in muskie fishing and was abreast with the events of the world record muskies caught in his day. So, MacQuarrie on Muskies (MOM) became the fourth book, produced in 2023.

These books can also be ordered using the form on the backside or can be ordered online through the BAHA website by clicking on “MacQuarrie” and then on “Bookshelf”.