MacQuarrie on Muskies



Author: Gordon MacQuarrie





Gordon MacQuarrie is best known for his stories of The Old Duck Hunters from the 1930’s to 1950’s, but he wrote about all outdoor topics as well, including muskies, especially in Wisconsin.

Early in his time muskies were harvested to eat, but in the latter part of his era catch and release was coming into anglers thoughts.

Since MacQuarrie covered all outdoors, muskies were just one of his interests. He was an enthusiastic musky hunter, although his time spent in their pursuit was limited by all his other duties. MacQuarrie On Muskies contains seven national magazine stories, not found in any other collection, and dozens of columns from the Milwaukee Journal.

These columns reported the news of the day during the era of multiple claims and counterclaims regarding record muskies. Much more research and better books have been written regarding these, but this book includes the first reporting, factual or fiction. It also includes several fictional Jack Pine Joe accounts dealing with muskies.