2022 The Found Stories of The Old Duck Hunters And Other MacQuarrie Adventures



Author: Gordon MacQuarrie

Dave Evenson, Editor

Published by the Barnes Area Historical Association


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Found Stories of the Old Duck Hunters

Dave Evenson has done considerable research and has discovered that Gordon wrote  many magazine articles that never  made it to book form. This book, along with Right Off the Reel and  Dogs, Drink and other drivel completes a new and different Trilogy of Gordon MacQuarrie stories.

A Trilogy of Old Duck Hunter Association stories was compiled by Willow Creek  Press at the turn of the 21st century. Editor Zack Taylor found  most of the magazine stories, but not all.  Found Stories of the Old Duck Hunters brings you six more  ODHA stories not reprinted into book form, and  23 other magazine articles of MacQuarrie’s adventures with friends other than  Mr. President. MacQuarrie wrote for national outdoor magazines from 1931 to 1956. Most of these  stories are set in his native Wisconsin, hunting ducks  or ruffed grouse and chasing trout and bass, but some describe his adventures in other states. MacQuarrie wrote  with authenticity and humor during  a time of awakening conservation, a time when taking of wild game was changing from necessity to recreation. Together with the Right Off the Reel, Dogs, Drink and other drivel, this book completes a second trilogy of MacQuarrie works published by Barnes Area Historical  Association, bahamuseum.org.

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